Bat Haikus

from a Third Grade Class in Arkansas

Quashundra Thomas
Bats find food to eat.
Bats eat fruit to gauge their health.
Bats eat fruits at night.

Katie Martin
Some bats are friendly.
There are some bats that are mean.
Bats like to eat fruit.

Derrio Wilson
A bat can eat fruit.
I have touch a real live bat.
Bats hang upside down.

Randi Kay Atkins
Bats are very mean.
I do not really like bats.
How many are there?

Robert Rice
Bats come out at night.
Bats come out at night time some.
Bats each roach and fruit.

Rashada McWilliams
Bats hang upside down.
It is a lot kinds of bats.
I saw a black bat.

Nicholas Nix
A bat is pretty.
The bats sleep during the day.
At night, bats eat fruit.

Jessica Cruce
Some bats have red eyes.
Some bats are good and mean now.
Some bats are special.

Thomas Judkins
Bats hang upside down.
There are eight hundred bats.
Bats eat fruit at night.

Lindsey King
I love to see bats.
People think bats drink cows blood.
Not every one likes bats.

Ashley Erwin
I like baby bats.
Some bats eat fruit in the night.
Some bats are brown bats.

Dexter Smith
I saw a brown bat.
I saw a bat eating fruit.
At night, bats go out.

Zack Hudson
Some bats eat apples.
Bats hunt for food at night time.
Bats sleep at daytime.

James Jones
They sleep in the tree.
They hang in a tree at night.
Some bats have red eyes.

Derick Moore
Sometimes bats eat fruit.
There are lots of bats in zoos.
Some bats will eat bugs.

Quinn Franklin
Bats can see at night.
But if a bat falls - Don't touch.
Bats hang upside down.

Raven Yarbrough
Bats can fly at night.
Fruit bats each fruit all the time.
Bats sleep at daytime.

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